Retail Shop Flag Display – “Cafe”

$199.00 ( $228.85 incl. GST )

This display is a great way to promote your business and it’s an attractive eye-catching alternative to traditional signage.

The display includes the pole, a high quality printed “Cafe” flag and coloured freestanding water-filled base. Both the flag and base are available in a range of attractive colour options. Please specify your choice when ordering.

This product (pole, base and flag) is 100% made in New Zealand!

  • The flag is digitally printed onto premium polyester fabric with 100% show though of image on the reverse side. Flag size: 1800mm x 480mm.
  • The pole is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium with moulded fittings.
  • The base is made from high quality, robust moulded plastic, weighing only 1.9kg empty, up to 13kg water filled, or over 20kg sand filled.
  • Designed for New Zealand’s harsh climatic conditions and high ultraviolet light levels.
  • Display height: 2.15m (including base)

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Premium quality print

The flag is printed single-sided with the image seen through the fabric, giving a reverse image when viewed from the back. The colour is bright and vibrant on both sides as we avoid the inferior ‘direct-to fabric’ digital printing method commonly used in the industry. Instead we offer flags exclusively manufactured using the superior double-sided dye-sublimation printing method.  This is proven to produce significantly better flags with brighter, longer lasting colours and better fabric wear characteristics.

Matching Coloured Base

The coloured base is made from high quality, robust moulded plastic, weighing only 1.9kg empty, up to 13kg water filled, or over 20kg sand filled.

Made in New Zealand

This product, including the flag, pole and base, is designed and manufacture in New Zealand.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Display Size

2m high in use (2.2m with Vega Base)

Flag Size

1800mm x 500mm

Mounting options

Ground Spike, Vega Water filled Base, Fixed Mounts – vertical and angled

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