Product Warranties

Portable Flag & Banner Display Hardware Warranty

Nexus Display Solutions Portable Flag & Banner Display hardware is warranted for two (2) years

  1. Warranties apply from the date of invoice against defects in material and workmanship subject to being used according to Nexus Display Solutions installation instructions and usage instructions, and when used to display flags and banners.
  2. Wind forces on flags and banners are transferred to the pole and its mounting options. High wind tests involving flags and banners have been successfully conducted, but all flags and banners (especially if larger than 1.8m x 0.9m) should not be flown of severe weather. (See below)
  3. Products in this range are designed for intermittent use only. They are not designed for rough handling or for use in strong winds etc. We take no responsibility for any failure or damage caused.
  4. This warranty specifically does not include product damage due to weather conditions rated in excess of 7 on the National Weather Service Beaufort Scale (wind speeds exceeding approximately 45mph /72kph).
  5. Nexus Display Solutions encourages customers to not use the product when a known storm exceeding 7 on the Beaufort scale is expected.
  6. Warranties do not apply where the product is used in any manner contrary to Nexus Display Solutions specifications and instructions, nor where the product is altered or modified.
  7. In the event of a potential breach of product warranty Nexus Display Solutions is to be informed immediately the issue is identified, and if proven to be a breach, Nexus Display Solutions will replace or repair (or pay for the repair of) such products, at the option of Nexus Display Solutions.
  8. Warranties do not cover installation, removal, packing, freight or other incidental costs incurred by customer.
  9. Only flags and banners authorised by Nexus Display Solutions are to be used on our Display Systems. Failure to comply will compromise safety, intellectual property law and will void any warranties.

NOTE: The potential uses for this product range are infinite. It remains the responsibility of the user to establish the suitability of the product/s for the use/s to which they are put. Caution:  This pole must be assembled with the correct flag only and according to the instructions supplied.  The manufacturer is not liable for any injury or property damage resulting from a failure to assemble according to the instructions.

Nexus Display Solutions portable display products are manufactured from high quality New Zealand made aluminium tubing that is heat tempered (hardened) after being extruded.  To avoid excessive flag wear and potential damage to poles or nearby objects they should not be used in excessively strong winds (see above). However, if this does happen and results in some pole deformation this is unlikely to affect performance and can readily be straightened.    

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