Looking for an easy low-cost way to get your message seen by thousands of drivers and pedestrians every day?

Introducing Signz™, a new low-cost promotional signage system that uses existing structures such as roadside poles or show windows to create high-value promotional marketing spaces to communicate your latest public notices, promotions and messages.

Signz™ consists of a robust aluminium bracket which is secured to the existing structures with durable plastic fastenings and which supports a low-cost sign. The brackets are easily positioned in place and are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit your unique requirements.

Create Dynamic Media Spaces

The genius of Signz™ is that it allows signage to be easily and inexpensively displayed from any of the thousands of suitable display sites that abound in every city and town. Signs can now be strategically positioned around streets, walkways, carparks and parks to greatly improve your communications while discreetly integrating with existing infrastructure.Signs are typically displayed above and facing pedestrian traffic ensuring high visibility and strong branding that will create a lasting impression.

Easy to use

Signz™ are easy to use as neither the brackets nor the signs require any special skills or tools to install other than a small step ladder to position them above head height. The signs are easily changed within seconds, either to be replaced or reused in the future.
By setting the signs at 2.5m above the ground they will meet most council bylaws for the use of pavement signage.

Low-cost media

Signz™ signs are made from a new composite material called Fibrecore™ which offers many advantages.
Fibrecore™ is a tough, light weight and durable plastic signage material designed for use in windy or exposed areas. Each sign has many fibreglass re-enforcing rods fitted into the “flutes” of the plastic offering enhanced durability and superior strength. In normal winds the sign will flex but not deform, returning to its original position when the wind abates. This action also spills the wind, reducing wind loading on the pole.
Signs are printed on both sides with a UV resistant ink and can be designed and manufactured in virtually any shape to further enhance the visual appearance of the display.


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About us

We are a proud Wellington based company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of unique promotional display products for the event, retail and real estate industries.

We have been involved in the design and manufacture of signage, and its associated hardware, in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide for over 30 years.