BannerFlex™ Banner Display Systems

The best engineered pole banner system available on the market

When you choose BannerFlex™ you can mount your banners with the confidence this US designed and manufactured system has been wind-force tested up to 160 kph.

Patented and proven with over 250,000 systems in use worldwide, BannerFlex™ displays bright and colourful PVC (vinyl) banners giving them an effective display life of up to 5 years. The same (or different) images are printed separately on both sides of the banners, meaning designs with text and dates are easy to read, perfect for communicating your message and brand.

BannerFlex™ is made from corrosion resistant aluminium and special high strength fibreglass arms that flex to ‘spill’ the wind.  When you choose BannerFlex™, you can rest assured that you have a banner system that’s built to last – there are no complicated springs or moving parts to wear out, corrode or require replacement.


High Performance
  • BannerFlex™ offers the highest level of durability and performance and addresses the demands from customers in high-wind and exposed areas.
  • BannerFlex™ incorporates specially tapered fibreglass banner support arms with a triangular cross section, offering more than twice the flexibility of standard round fibreglass or steel arms.  They provide greater support nearest the pole and less support towards the outside edge of the banner, enabling it to gently ‘curve’ away from the wind. This significantly dissipates the force on the banner and reduces both force and vibration on the pole.
  • Best of all, there are no moving parts to wear out or corrode, providing peace of mind for years to come.
Easy to use
  • BannerFlex™ features an “adjustable” bracket to allow easy initial hardware installation and subsequent banner changes.  This feature also ensures that all banners remain taut, attractive and easy to read, even if there are minor variations in their size.
No ‘visual pollution’
  • With some systems, bulky support arms are permanently fixed to poles and remain prominently visible even when there are no banners being displayed.  These can attract unwanted attention and comments such as, “Something’s missing, why are there no banners?”
  • BannerFlex™ overcomes this issue as the support arms can also be easily temporarily removed when not required, leaving behind a small and unobtrusive mounting plate.
Long Lasting
  • BannerFlex™ PVC banners are bright and colourful with an estimated life of up to 5 years.
  • BannerFlex™ Banners are opaque are printed separately on each side – meaning they can be clearly read from both sides, ideal for designs with text messages, logos and dates.
  • BannerFlex™ banners are made from strong fabric reinforced PVC (vinyl) with UV fade resistant pigment inks, ideal for long lasting outdoor use.
  • BannerFlex™ Banners are supported by two slightly angled support arms that stretch the banner and keep it trim and taut. This slight angular deviation avoids banner flapping and allows the wind force to immediately be transferred to the fiberglass which then deflects some of the force. Not only does this feature make for a clean and crisp presentation, it extends the life of banners and increases the security of the installation.
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Nexus Display Solutions Limited, is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated design, development and manufacturing company.  Our unique product range has been developed over many years through extensive customer engagement and refinement.

Our development team has over 40 years combined experience working in the promotional signage industry and has been involved in the design and manufacture of signage and its associated hardware in New Zealand since the early 90’s.